About Us

Dilip Karekar has thorough experience in the manufacturing industry. Through his in-depth study of the small-scale private sector, he has been able to guide the Karekar Group to a strong position amidst heavy competition. He is also passionately involved in the construction industry, having garnered extensive experience while overseeing the completion of over 16 sugar factories in the state of Maharashtra, India. He has also developed several commercial and residential schemes while steering the Karekar Group.


Our team is dedicated to working hard, and smart. We pride ourselves in helping our customers achieve great results.
If you’re interested in working with us, let us know and we'll get in touch with you.






Satish Industries

G-43, MIDC, Shiroli, Kolhapur 416122.

Rekha Metals
W-64, MIDC, Shiroli, Kolhapur 416122.

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