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Having developed a good standing in the machining industry as a reputable player, Karekar Group has ventured into the Foundry Industry. As a backward integration program, Rekha Metals Pvt. Ltd. fulfills the raw material requirements and can ensure uninterrupted casting supply to the Karekar Group.

When deciding upon the plant equipment supplier, we approached the best foundry equipment manufacturer in the country.

Sri Murugan Foundry Equipment, (VME) has vast experience in the design and manufacture of modern Foundry Equipment. The company specializes in the Mechanization of Foundry Plants on a turnkey basis, right from the design of the layout systems, to the supply, installation and commissioning of the Mechanized Plants. The list of projects executed by VME includes a wide range of Foundries located around the world.VME has partnered with Savelli for “green sand” foundry plants and machines. Savelli has a long-standing experience in designing, manufacturing, assembling and starting up of high performance “green sand” foundry plants and machines.

Rekha Metals Pvt. Ltd. has collaborated with VME to develop one of the largest High-Volume Automated Sand Plant in the domestic market. The foundry also boasts of an advanced fully pneumatic trackline. This greatly contributes to increased overall efficiency. Rekha Metals Pvt. Ltd. has also invested in a completely Automatic Casting Knock-Out (Punch-Out) Unit. The addition of this reduces idle time and builds up the overall plant output. 

The plant is well-equipped with the following prominent highlights:

  • Indopower Induction Furnace

  • Sarvamangal Moulding Machines

  • Sand Cooler

  • Dust Collector

  • Additive Mixer

  • Bruker Spectrometer

  • Well-equipped Metallurgical Lab

Going ahead we plan to invest in HPMMs (High-Pressure Moulding Machines) to increase the production,and also develop in-house machining capacity by introducing CNC machines.

AN ISO 9001:2009

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