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Satish Industries has been in the manufacturing industry for well over two decades. During this period we have supplied to customers ranging from local small scale industries to sprawling OEM MNCs. Inspite of this variation in the size of our clientele, one thing has remained constant throughout the years, and that is our commitment towards quality. We pride ourselves in having great repeatability with our customers, who have always given us first preference, all thanks to our execution of the projects in hand. 

Satish Industries started out as a small machine shop, with a single conventional Capstan lathe. After acquiring various other domestic market machines, our founder ventured into Europe and brought several conventional machines by various reputed German manufacturers in the late 90s. This helped us expand our scope of operations as our machines helped us rise above the competition at the time.

After enjoying a healthy sales relation with the
Tata Group (formerly TELCO) for years, Satish Industries developed an advanced Die-Press Machine shop. 

Due to the rapid growth of the Indian Industrial Complex in the mid-2000s, it became the logical next step to build-up a computerised machine shop. At a time when the Ace Micromatic Systems
(AMS) group was yet to find a foot-hold in Central and Northern India due to a nascent service and sales network, Satish Industries took a calculated risk by investing in both CNC and VMC machines by the AMS group. The deal paid off and now Satish Industries has a thriving machine shop of AMS machines and AMS is a strong player nation-wide.

After developing a reputable standing among our customers, vendors and the industry, we did not rest on our laurels. Satish Industry yet again pushed the boundaries and made heavy investments in a
Robotic Automated Gantry System, which was custom built from ground-up by PARI (Precision Automation & Robotics India Limited). By introducing a robotic gantry system, we are able to achieve boosted production and efficiency, round-the-clock and with minimal human intervention.

Satish Industries is an IATF Certified Company. We have various workplace systems in place and functioning, like 5S, FIFO, Kaizen, etc.

 At Satish Industries, we have carefully developed the following facilities :

Robotic Automated Gantry System

VMC Machines​

CNC Machines

CMM Machine
Height Gauge Digimar Machine

Conventional Milling Machines

Conventional Drilling Machines

Precision Grinding Machine

Broaching Machines

Conventional Lathe Machines

Computerised Balancing Machines

Induction Heating Machine

Hydraulic Press Machine

Profile Cutting Machines

Temperature Controlled Inspection Room

Brinell Hardness Testing Machine
Custom-made Hydraulic Fixturing

Heavy Fabrication Capacity
Special Purpose Paintbooth

CO2 & Arc Welding Machines
Export Packaging Facilites



Alongwith up-to-date facilities, we have also groomed a capable faculty and staff. Due to high production rate, machine wear and tear can be an unexpected issue. Thus we empoy an in-house maintenance team, which is well acquainted with all the shopfloor equipment and can reduce stoppage times.



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