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Robotic Automated Gantry System

With an eye on the future, Satish Industries decided to collaborate with PARI (Precision Automation Robotics India Ltd.) to develop an Automated Gantry System. For this system, PARI and Satish Industries went to work with a blank canvas and designed everything according to our specific requirements. Eveything from the slat type chain conveyor to the vertically travelling axis, to even the grippers of the gantry, were custom made by introduction of high-end, weight-reducing materials and innovative practical designs. Much time was invested in research for this project by both parties. 

This was a very unique working experience for the team at PARI as their usual customers include MNCs and High-volume OEMs. They have woked together with renowned companies such as Ford, Tata, Toyota, Honda, John Deere, Escorts, etc.

The Robotic Automated Gantry System is a fully automated system. It does not require human intervention besides the initiation process. The travelling axis is made up of an extremely light-weight alloy which helps in keeping the Gantry light. The system includes an orientation table which positions the job in such a manner that it is ready for the next operation. The whole system is extremely efficient and helps us eliminate tremendous time losses and achieve more production output.

An important feature of the Gantry System is that it can handle any and every component due to the unique nature of the custom-made grippers. This makes it possible to introduce any new component into regular production without any additional customization.

The machines that interface with the Gantry are all equipped with
Renishaw® Probes which enable the machines to make in-cycle part measurement with automatic offset correction. This eliminates the need for any manual intervention.

Due to the complex nature of the operation of the system, it is necessary to maintain an in-house expert who can not only run the system, but can also oversee the periodic maintenances. We have thus primed a team for the same purpose.

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